About Us

Dream Aquascapes is a full-service marine engineering company specializing in custom aquarium design and build services, advanced marine technology, custom aquascape fabrication, aquarium maintenance, 24-hour emergency tank service, and sustainable coral propagation.

With over 50 years of experience in tank design and build technology we pride ourselves in delivering breathtaking reefs to the comfort of our customer's homes and offices.
We would be honored to work with you on your next aquarium project. Please take a second to contact: Customerservice@dreamaquascapes.com or call us directly at (203) 981-9400. 
Our Timeline:
2017 First Aquascape Prototype.
2018 First Reef Prototype.
2019 Dream Aquascapes online store is launched.
2020 Record for Longest Aquascape set at 125 inches.
2020 Recognized by ReefBuilder's as Best-In-Class.  
2021 Custom Aquascape Fabrication Studio Established.
2022 Service and Tank Maintenance Department Established.
2022 First NBA Tank Build (New Orleans Pelicans).
2022 Dream Link Pro Aquascape Bonding Kit Product Launch.
2023 Custom Aquarium Design and Build Studio Established.