“007” Aquascape
“007” Aquascape
“007” Aquascape
“007” Aquascape

“007” Aquascape

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The “007” Aquascape was born to turn a small tank into an exhilarating world of reefing stability. It’s a no rules build that encompasses the best of everything into a small footprint. This aquascape stands ready to delight with 11 multi par coral placement zones, 2 unique bridge environments, and excellent flow dynamics. Formidable mixed reef utility scape that is fun to work with, a breeze to service, and a offers an excellent balance between form and function.

Aquascape features:

  • 11 multi par Coral Placement Zones.
  • 2 unique arch environments.
  • Multiple level light exposure.
  • Legendary flow.
  • Panoramic layout for enhanced viewing enjoyment.
  • Down-sloping design with a sturdy base.

Product Specifications:

  • Length: 20.5”
  • Width:   12”
  • Height:  9”
  • Weight:  12 lbs
  • Material: Oolitic limestone