Mini Capitan Aquascape

Mini Capitan Aquascape

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First release of 2023 delivers the “Mini Capitan”. This utility Aquascape was born to transform a small tank into a show stopping destination. Featuring 13 primary multi par coral placement zones set precisely to maximize surface area. Superior flow dynamics to promote nutrient transport. Elegantly displayed in a clean panoramic layout to enhance viewing pleasure. This is a formidable mini aquascape that delivers uncompromising performance in a compact footprint. All sales are final. All Aquascapes ship at buyers full risk. Please contact Customerservice@DreamAquascapes with any questions.


Aquascape features:

  • 13 primary multi par coral placement zones
  • 5 Level Height Structure
  • Superidor flow dynamics
  • Excellent light distribution
  • Panoramic viewing layout
  • Bonsai design with a sturdy base.


Product Specifications:

  • Length: 13.5”
  • Width:   12”
  • Height:  10”
  • Weight: 20 lbs
  • Material: Oolitic limestone