Royal Aquascape
Royal Aquascape
Royal Aquascape
Royal Aquascape

Royal Aquascape

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Code Named “Royal” this Aquascape was created to serve as the foundation for a breathtaking reef. Built with pro refers in mind, our mission was to combine the very best flow, light penetration, surface area, negative space, and viewing esthetics into a power packed mid size aquascape. Featuring a wide base for enhanced low par coral placement, up-sloping bonsai look to maximize flow penetration, 12 unique coral placement zones, and 8 dramatic high rise SPS arches; collectively make this Aquascape worthy of reefing royalty.

Aquascape features:

  • 12 unique coral placement zones.
  • 8 dramatic arches.
  • Superior flow dynamics.
  • Fluid bonsai design with a wide central base.

Aquascape Specifications:

  • Length: 19”
  • Width: 15”
  • Height: 12”
  • Weight: 30 lbs
  • Material: Oolitic limestone