Versailles Aquascape
Versailles Aquascape
Versailles Aquascape
Versailles Aquascape

Versailles Aquascape

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Code named “Versailles”, this breathtaking centerpiece aquascape was born to serve as a mixed reef castle. Built for a discerning buyer that requires the very best, this one piece Aquascape was carefully crafted to exceed reefing expectations. Featuring 30 primary multi par coral placement zones. 4 unique bridge environments to stimulate livestock. 7 level height structure to provide a wide range of par options to accommodate a mixed reef environment. Superior flow dynamics to promote nutrient transport. Elegantly displayed in a breathtaking panoramic layout to maximize light distribution and enhance viewing pleasure. Versailles was born to awe. 

All Aquascapes are original works of art and may vary slightly in shape and size. Local pickup or freight shipment only. All sales are final. All Aquascapes ship at buyers full risk. Please contact Customerservice@DreamAquascapes with any questions.

Estimated time to delivery: 60-75 days.

Aquascape features:

  • 30 primary multi par coral placement zones
  • 7 Level Height Structure
  • 4 unique bridge environments
  • Superior flow dynamics
  • Excellent light distribution
  • Panoramic viewing layout
  • Symmetrical design with a wide base.

Product Specifications:

  • Length: 33.5”
  • Width:   20”
  • Height:  14”
  • Weight: 50 lbs
  • Material: Oolitic limestone